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Fiberglass Deer Blind Specifications

All boxes are solid approximately 1/8" thick fiberglass walls and ceilings.  The floor is 3-ply construction consisting of 1/2" layer of wood sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass, with all wood being sealed between the fiberglass.  The floor pan slides inside the blind 4" and is bolted to the blind walls using stainless rivets and zinc plated bolts.  Windows are bronze plated frames with glass.  Windows are 24" to 30" wide depending on the blind chosen and raise to 8".  Windows and doors have permanent awnings above them.  Fiberglass blinds are carpeted from the shelves down including shelves and floor.  Tower/Ground Blinds include a 20 year limited warranty on the blind.  Exterior is Gel and UV Coated.

Fiberglass Deer Blind





Fiberglass Deer Blind

5' x 8' Tower Blind
Replaces Existing Blind
on Ground


Trailer Blind

Trailer Blinds
are completely portable. 
Pull to Your Site... Hunt and Take Blind Home with You OR Leave it for Your next HUNT!

Tower and Ground Blinds



10 Ft Tower Blind







ATV Trailer Blind

Inside the
Trailer Deer Blind

Inside the Deer Blind

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