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I've been hunting the past two weekends in my new ATV trailer stand. It is so nice. It's sturdy, quiet, comfortable, roomy, provides ample storage and shelf space for my many asundries. It is eady to get into and the windows handle perfectly. Tell Penny the curtains are a very fine touch that allows air to flow, but blocks the bright sunlight especially at sundown. The stand was easy to set and level. We had to take an indirect path to the final location as there were a few low hanging branches that hindered our path, but no big problem really.

I've seen several deer, but I haven't yet seen the one I want to harvest; but being there is half the fun. And being warm and dry makes it all the better for an enjoyable day of game watching. I have not yet had two hunters in the stand, but we'll see about that over Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for the quality workmanship.


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